Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why cloth diapers in hospitals is so important:

This blog is dedicated to getting hospitals to use cloth diapers! There are so many great reasons why they should, but today I want to tell you about the top 3 reasons!

  • Cloth Diapers are better for babies!
  • Cloth Diapers are good for the environment.
  • Cloth diapers are economically sound!

How could disposable diapers be bad for my baby?

1.Disposable diapers release volatile organic compounds. They have toxic health effects on the baby, such as cancer or brain damage in some cases. There is even a possible link between diaper emissions and asthma.

2.The main absorbent filler in disposable diapers is sodium polyacrylate. This chemical can cause respiratory problems as well as skin problems.

3.Almost all disposable diapers are bleached white with chlorine. They also have trace amounts of a highly carcinogen byproduct of chlorine bleaching called dioxin.

4.Disposable diapers also have quaternary ammonium biocides and ole-amide and we still do not know the effects it has on humans!

You can find more of the health concerns at the Real Diaper Association.

Disposable Diapers have a pretty big affect on our environment!

Did you know that in the first year of life those cute little babies of ours would use about 2800 disposable diapers! That is a lot of diapers! Did I mention that they don't decompose and they say "if" they do it can take about 300 years?

One baby will produce 1 ton of trash over 1 year when using disposable diapers and most are in them for at least 2 years!

If you have ever read the fine print on the boxes or bags of diapers it will tell you that you are to discard any feces before disposing. Have you ever seen someone do this? I sure haven't! So we have billions of diapers with feces filling up our landfills. How sanitary!

"Over 300 pounds of wood, 50 pounds of petroleum feedstocks and 20 pounds of chlorine are used to produce disposable diapers for one baby EACH YEAR." - Real Diaper Association

The EPA says that each year there is a total of 3.4 million tons of disposable diapers going into our landfills.

Having a hard time in this economy?

Think about how much you could save with cloth!! In one year you could spend an average of $700! You can ask any mama out there who uses cloth and they will tell you about the savings! Knowing that you don't have to buy diapers every paycheck is a great feeling!

There are so many reasons why using cloth diapers is important, not only for your baby but your wallet and the environment!

Why is using cloth diapering in hospitals important to you?

Sites in which facts were found:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Choices of a parent!

Mamas of more than one child, please use your youngest!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Introducing Cloth Mama

HEY Everyone! I am so honored to be the new blog host for you all! This is a great organization and I support it 100%! I am Cloth Mama and today I am going to share with you why I am passionate about cloth diapers!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn't know ANYTHING about cloth diapering. I had never heard of anything but the Gerber prefolds in Wal-Mart and didn't know how in the world that would make a diaper! My daughter had always worn Huggies and then one day in March we received a Pampers Dry Max in the mail.. I decided to try one out.. why not?

I'll tell you why not, within one hour I noticed she was looking red around the diaper. I took the diaper off to find that she was bleeding and had welts all over her private areas. It was awful! I immediately called Pampers asking what was in the diaper, stating "She must be allergic or something, I need to know what did it" after hours on the phone and no answers other than "It is not necessary to give you that information"!

We called my Little Lady's doctor and he said we should use cloth until she healed so that there were no chemicals on her body. He then told me about the Gerber ones at Wal-Mart. Since, that was still the only option I was aware of we went and bought some and put them inside of bloomers from all her dresses.
The next day, after many and many leaks all over the house, I contacted an old friend who had found me on Facebook and told me about how they had this issue and were using the new modern cloth diapers! I went to Little Squigglers to find me some and since that day, I haven't looked back! Disposables are now a thing of the past and I pray that I can make it that way for everyone!

When I first switched it was a little overwhelming but I quickly caught on and it became something I was very passionate about. I absolutely love to cloth diaper. I want to get the word out to every mom, mom to be, grandma, and everyone else! I feel very strongly about getting hospitals to switch to cloth diapers. I also want to make sure all OB's, Mid Wives, and Doula are educating their mamas about cloth, even if just through pamphlets.

Why are you passionate about cloth diapers? Share your story with us!

Getting the ball rolling

So we had an amazing start didn't we? The giveaway was huge and we did so much good. Now we need to continue. I am sorry that I have not been more diligent about this, but we have had a wild couple months. My family moved to a different state, and we lived (with 6 kidlets) in a one bedroom apartment for 2 months. We are finally in our house and trying to get settled.
In the meantime, I have been brainstorming on ways to get this functioning better.
So I have a few announcements:

#1- You know that we try to work hand in hand with the RDA . . . well I am sorry about the short notice, but they are having an amazing photo contest! I posted this on facebook too.
This ends tonight though! (11/3) so HURRY!!!

#2- You can now buy some products that will benefit our organization. We are working on getting an official organization started.... a nonprofit one. So please know that all the money made from these products will go to help fund our organization.
We will hopefully be adding more products, and as we do we will list them here. We get 15% of the price you pay.

#3- We have a new blog author! I am super excited! She is very passionate about cloth diapers and getting them in hospitals. I am hoping her excitement and passion can influence us to act. :) She is definitely a "Cloth Mama"!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Were do we go from HERE?

So, now that the giveaway is over what do you as followers want to see happen on this blog?  This is a blog for all of us.  I want some input on what to do now!  should we have a page where we can list all the hospitals that we have contacted?  Should we start making a list of the excuses they use and see if we can solve those?  What are you thinking?  
I would love some input!  

So I say let's go FORWARD with this movement!

ps... looking for the winner?  go HERE

Who won?

WOW!  We are totally overwhelmed by the amount of support we have gotten!  
So our winner of the amazing products is..... drumroll please!  

Tiffany: she contacted tons of hospitals and earned a whopping 4151 points
Some other time... when it isn't WAY past my bed-time (LOL!) I will count how many hospitals she contacted!  

Really this was amazing!  I hope that we can continue doing this.  I REALLY appreciate the amazing sponsors too!  


Friday, April 30, 2010

Last day to enter!

This is the last day... Have you entered?  Did you tak the time to call a few Hospitals and ask if they use cloth?  Did you try to make the world a little greener?

Leaving this open until Midnight Pacific Time!  

A HUGE thanks to our amazing sponsors for their support and donations.  

So, where will we go from here?  I would like to think that this blog and the FB page would continue to grow.  I know that there are lots of hospitals that have been contacted.  There will be follow ups and information to be shared.  I really hope you are all excited about this and the movement will continue on.  
Happy diapering,

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What else can you do?

We are so very excited about all the calls and visits that are being made!  You guys are amazing.  Think of all those hospitals that now know that this is something that people are interested in.  Maybe we are planting a seed of thought at least! 
You guys ROCK!  
If you have any questions about flyers of how you can do more... check out the RealDiaper Association

They have some fun buttons you can add to your blog or webpage.

Join today and see how you can be of more help.  We are all in this together!

You guys are totally awesome keep up the good work and remember to keep the tally of your points on your posts! 

Can't wait to see who wins! 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What is the Booty?

It has been asked what the "booty" will be...well so far we have:

OVER $540 worth of product for you! 

Little Squigglers: a 6 pack of Wee Essentials wipes & sm jar of Wipe Bits -$16.95

Monkey Snuggles Diapers: 2 OS Pocket diapers  -$36.00

Inspired by Finn: an Amber Nursing Necklace and 2 pair of Babylegs  -$40

RockinGreen Soap: 2 bags of soap -$28

FuzziBunz: 2 OS diapers  -$19.95

Budda Bunz: Wool Dryer Balls  -$13.96

Cotton Babies: Diaper *what type is yet to be decided 

Nifty Nappy: set of 5 Nifty Nappy OR PeachyKeen Pockets (choice of prints)  -$110

Eco Nutsmedium sized 50/90 load box  -$12.00

Kissaluvs3 Kissa’s Cotton Fleece fitted diapers and a Marvels OS Cover - $58.80

AND for the mini giveaways (randomly picked throughout) 

Apple Cheeks: 3 MiniTests  -$141.00

RockinGreen Soap: RockinGreen Soap Samples

Nifty Nappy: Snappy SwimzEaze swim diaper (choice of size and print) -$15.00

Nifty Nappy: a Nifty Nappy fitted "Hospital Diaper" -$25.00

So run fast and get in on it - besides the prize it is a GREAT cause! Let's start calling those hospitals! 

Link to the Giveaway

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Win some FLUFF!

Are you ready for the big Giveaway?  
We am so excited about this!  
We have some big names in our giveaway...
Between now and April 30th, I want you to use whatever means necessary to tell others about Cloth in Hospitals. In return, the person that has the most “points” at the end of the contest wins our Grand-prize. We will also pick randomly throughout the contest, so every entry counts!

Remember folks we want to be courteous and leave a positive impression... no negativity ok?  

Some things are worth more than others:
-Being a follower of the Cloth in Hospitals blog (1 point)
-Inviting friends to join the fan page (1 point for every 5 friends you invite)
-Tweet about the fan page. Must include link to Cloth in Hospitals and #clothdiapers. Include permalink to your tweet in your comments. (1 point per tweet, max of 3 points per day)
-Add the Cloth in Hospitals Button to your blog (2 points - include link so we can see it)
-Post about our Earth Day Cloth in Hospitals telephone game giveaway in any cloth diaper of mama forums you are in (3 points per forum -leave a link to your post so we can see it. 
-Blog about our Earth Day Cloth in Hospitals telephone game giveaway (5 points - include link to blog post)
-Email your local hospital(s) and encourage them *nicely* to use cloth diapers and pass out information to new parents about cloth diapers.  (3 point per hospital- must include name, city, state, contact info, and response for each hospital contacted)
-Contact your local hospital(s) and ask them if they offer cloth options for newborns, and if not, what roadblocks are preventing them from offering it to their patients. (25 points per hospital- must include name, city, state, contact info, and response for each hospital contacted)
-Hospital(s) contact follow-up: If a hospital you contact does not offer cloth, ask them if they would be willing to include literature on cloth diaper options in their new mom bags (10 points per hospital if the hospital says yes - must include contact information (name, department, and mailing address).
-Visit your local Hospital(s) and take them some pamphlets (found here: Consider Cloth and the Get Real) ask them if you can leave them in the waiting room, or if they can reproduce them and pass them out to new mamas.  (Take at least 10 of each pamphlet, you get 15 points per hospital you leave these with- must include name, city, state, contact info, and response for each hospital contacted) 

Fine Print
To avoid complications- please leave a comment for each entry that you do. And keep a running total of your points at the end of the comment. Here’s an example
April 20th- twittered about the contest – 1 point- 1 point total
April 21th- put the button on blog – 10 points- 11 points total
April 22th- blogged about Cloth in Hospitals- 5 points- 16 points total
And then whoever has the highest score at the end wins the Grand-prize!


**Don't forget to visit our facebook page also!  Leave us pictures of your cute babes in Cloth!

cloth in hospitals

The small writing!
*note: Cloth Diapers should be world wide, and so I (Vilate) am opening this world wide!  If the others won't ship out of the US and Canada... I will!  So let's cover the world with cloth!  :)   
*note 2: No one else has access to the administration of this blog right now... I am letting anyone even if they have been affiliated with the facebook page enter. 

Monday, April 19, 2010


I would love to see some comments!  
Why do you choose to CD (cloth diaper)
Why do you want to see CD's in the hospitals?

Getting started!

It was brought to our attention that Facebook doesn't allow giveaways anymore.  Thus a blog!  :) 
We are excited to start this anyway... more exposure right?

Please bear with us as we work out the kinks ok?  

Thank you so much!  

Giveaway: Earth Day Cloth in Hospitals telephone contest

We are getting set for our big giveaway event.. watch for more info!
We want to thanks our sponsors for donating to our cause! Give them some love ok? Let them know they are appreciated.
*I will hopefully be adding to this as the telephone game check back!

Monkey Snuggles Diapers:

Little Squigglers:

Apple Cheeks:

Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers:


Inspired by Finn:


Cotton Babies, Inc.:
twitter:  and 

Kissaluvs - Top to Bottom:

All Winner here!

I will post the winners for all the random giveaways here!

Winner of the Nifty Nappy Hospital Diaper:

Amy Kelly said...

I've invited 5 friends to like the facebook page - 1 pt
I follow the blog - 1 pt
Total: 2 pts

Winner of RockinGreen Soap Sample:

Lindsey said...

Following your blog.
Tweeted (

Winner of RockinGreen Soap Sample:

Bockheim-Myers Clan said...

following the blog!!!

Winner of AppleCheeks MiniTest kit:

Tiffy said...

25 New Points
University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL
(251) 415-1000

Their hospital is only provided with disposables to use. If the start up costs could be somehow covered they would give it thought.

Winner of RockinGreen Soaps Sample:

Jen said...

Invited 5 more friends to join the fan page.

New points: 1
Total points: 14

Winner of RockinGreen Soaps sample:

jdeemarie said...

I tweeted:

1 point = 8 points total

jdeemarie @

Winner of RockinGreen Soaps Sample:

Amanda said...

I just got off the phone with Methodist Hospital (the hospital that I am choosing for my baby due in Oct) and asked if they offer cloth diapers as an option to babies. THEY DO! However, they only offer prefolds and I would need to bring in my own covers. They said that they used to offer cloth diapers and covers but they had so much trouble with leakage that they stopped. I think if they could find a system that worked for them they may be persuaded to switch back ;) Contact Info: 6500 Excelsior Blvd St. Louis Park, MN 55426 (952)993-5202 - 25 points

total - 545

Winner of the Snappy SwimzEaze:

HardawayMom said...

Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation
350 North Humphreys Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38120
Response- Mailed pamphlets to company
10 pts-

Total points- 298

Winner of the AppleCheeks MiniTest kit:

Who get it?  #39

Jess (Life with BooBoo and Bug) said...

1pt (Total 10ps)

wernertjd AT yahoo DOT com

Winner of a sample of RockinGreen Soap

winning post:

Madison {Life Happens During Naptime} said...

Got your button!
mdec07 at yahoo com

Winner of a sample of RockinGreen Soap


darcymule said...

Follow blog 1 point
added you on facebook and also added you to my favorite pages on my business page 1 point= 2 points
Invited 213 people to be fans on facebook 42 points = 44 points

Total 44 points
darcymule at hotmail dot com

Winner of a sample of RockinGreen Soap:

Who is #108?

fancygrlnancy said...

I tweeted total of 11 points
bwneyes100 AT Hotmail DOT com

Winner of a sample of RockinGreen Soap:

So #72 is:

Mitchell Madness...or lack there of :) said...

I added the button to my blog – 2 points

total = 3 points

for an AppleCheeks MiniTest kit:

so #9 is:
Amanda said...


I posted on the Babycenter cloth diaper forums about this contest - 3 points and I tweeted about the contest - 1 point

which makes my total 11 points

Chill Will said...

follower- 1pt


skindeep2000 at aol dot com
4/23 Tweet #1
Total - 19pts

wernertjd AT yahoo DOT com