Saturday, May 1, 2010

Were do we go from HERE?

So, now that the giveaway is over what do you as followers want to see happen on this blog?  This is a blog for all of us.  I want some input on what to do now!  should we have a page where we can list all the hospitals that we have contacted?  Should we start making a list of the excuses they use and see if we can solve those?  What are you thinking?  
I would love some input!  

So I say let's go FORWARD with this movement!

ps... looking for the winner?  go HERE

Who won?

WOW!  We are totally overwhelmed by the amount of support we have gotten!  
So our winner of the amazing products is..... drumroll please!  

Tiffany: she contacted tons of hospitals and earned a whopping 4151 points
Some other time... when it isn't WAY past my bed-time (LOL!) I will count how many hospitals she contacted!  

Really this was amazing!  I hope that we can continue doing this.  I REALLY appreciate the amazing sponsors too!