Saturday, May 1, 2010

Were do we go from HERE?

So, now that the giveaway is over what do you as followers want to see happen on this blog?  This is a blog for all of us.  I want some input on what to do now!  should we have a page where we can list all the hospitals that we have contacted?  Should we start making a list of the excuses they use and see if we can solve those?  What are you thinking?  
I would love some input!  

So I say let's go FORWARD with this movement!

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Tiffy said...

I think making a list of the excuses and possible solutions would be a great idea. The three most common things I heard were start up costs were too much, issues with laundering, and lack of interest from the parents(which I think is mainly due to not knowing enough about cloth's benefits or thinking it's more difficult than it really is.)

Cecette said...

I agree with Tiffy! If we can come up with ways to dispute those claims then maybe they would consider cloth. Also it would be nice for some discussion of how to bring up the subject with the hospital and the best points to cover with them. Resources would be nice too, something that looks professional that could be given to the hospitals to look over.

Ashley said...

Getting moms who can reach out to hospitals/OBs/etc in their area would probably be fantastic, though I don't have the first clue how that sort of thing is done.

It probably needs a press kit of some sort, only not so much press as information -- as stated above.

(Whew, that sounds intelligent. -_-;)

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