Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who won?

WOW!  We are totally overwhelmed by the amount of support we have gotten!  
So our winner of the amazing products is..... drumroll please!  

Tiffany: she contacted tons of hospitals and earned a whopping 4151 points
Some other time... when it isn't WAY past my bed-time (LOL!) I will count how many hospitals she contacted!  

Really this was amazing!  I hope that we can continue doing this.  I REALLY appreciate the amazing sponsors too!  



Mama B said...

CONGRATS!!!! I am SOOO jealous!

Tiffy said...

SO excited thank you!!! Ah. man. It's going to be killer when I see how many minutes I used on my phone bill LOL. Well worth it!!! I can finally sleep now=)

Everyone did wonderful. The best reward is spreading the word about cloth. I REALLY feel like we all made a difference and spread a lot of knowledge!

Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers said...

you two did so awesome! way to work at it! :)
I am thrilled with how many hospitals we have reached out to in the last 2 weeks!

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