Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Introducing Cloth Mama

HEY Everyone! I am so honored to be the new blog host for you all! This is a great organization and I support it 100%! I am Cloth Mama and today I am going to share with you why I am passionate about cloth diapers!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn't know ANYTHING about cloth diapering. I had never heard of anything but the Gerber prefolds in Wal-Mart and didn't know how in the world that would make a diaper! My daughter had always worn Huggies and then one day in March we received a Pampers Dry Max in the mail.. I decided to try one out.. why not?

I'll tell you why not, within one hour I noticed she was looking red around the diaper. I took the diaper off to find that she was bleeding and had welts all over her private areas. It was awful! I immediately called Pampers asking what was in the diaper, stating "She must be allergic or something, I need to know what did it" after hours on the phone and no answers other than "It is not necessary to give you that information"!

We called my Little Lady's doctor and he said we should use cloth until she healed so that there were no chemicals on her body. He then told me about the Gerber ones at Wal-Mart. Since, that was still the only option I was aware of we went and bought some and put them inside of bloomers from all her dresses.
The next day, after many and many leaks all over the house, I contacted an old friend who had found me on Facebook and told me about how they had this issue and were using the new modern cloth diapers! I went to Little Squigglers to find me some and since that day, I haven't looked back! Disposables are now a thing of the past and I pray that I can make it that way for everyone!

When I first switched it was a little overwhelming but I quickly caught on and it became something I was very passionate about. I absolutely love to cloth diaper. I want to get the word out to every mom, mom to be, grandma, and everyone else! I feel very strongly about getting hospitals to switch to cloth diapers. I also want to make sure all OB's, Mid Wives, and Doula are educating their mamas about cloth, even if just through pamphlets.

Why are you passionate about cloth diapers? Share your story with us!


ClothinHosptials-Vilate said...

Looks great! Thanks so much for introducing your self. I for one am very excited you are going to be blogging for us!

Cloth Mama said...

I am very happy to :)
Thank you!

suburban farmwife said...

there are so many reasons why I love cloth! Here's a big one: When i was pregnant with Avery I was broker than broke. Like really broke! A good friend made me some fleece covers; I also recieved some prefolds at my baby shower. What a blessing those were! It was so lovely that diapering my baby was one less expense. No stressing over budgeting diapers into the weekly grocery bill! No rationing diapers! When i ran out, I just threw them in the washer-- which thankfully i had in my apartment. I'm slightly less broke now that he's two, but it's still a relief to not have that extra expense.

Cloth Mama said...

@suburban farmwife

I totally agree! I love not having to worry about buying diapers!! It is a great feeling.
I am so happy you made the choice to cloth diaper Avery and you had the friend to help!

heyfreckles said...

This is fabulous! We are so happy that we were your first cloth diaper store! It seems like so long ago when we went through the options of cloth diapering and sent you home with new cloth diapers! I cannot wait until Cloth Diapers are more accessible to hospitals!

Andrea Peters

Cloth Mama said...

I am so happy you were too!! You are such a good teacher!!

Sarah Seifert said...

I find cloth diapers to be much simpler than disposable because we never run out! When we get to the end of our stash, we just toss them in the wash and within a few hours we've got more dipes, no trips to the grocery store necessary.

Also, I find disposable diapers to be absolutely disgusting. Anytime my daughter is in one, I can instantly smell when she wets because the scent emanating from the sposie is so unnatural and gross. The fact that each child produces around one ton of diaper waste from the time they're born to the time they potty train and it can take up to 500 years for those diapers to biodegrade freaks me out. I want my daughter to leave her footprint on the world, just not a biohazardous one.

Patria Jase said...

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