Monday, April 19, 2010


I would love to see some comments!  
Why do you choose to CD (cloth diaper)
Why do you want to see CD's in the hospitals?


Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 3) said...

Honesty I probably would have never started but only did because my 3rd daughter was so allergic to sposies. Now I would never go back.

I think it would be great to see CD's in hospitals because I just can't even imagine how much sposie trash is made in just one day, one week, one month, to even 1 year. OMG.

Jessie said...

Oh there are so many reasons why we cloth diaper! It's so much better for our son, better for the environment, better for our wallet and super cute! I LOVE picking out cute diapers for him to wear especially when they match his clothes ;)

As far as being in hospitals goes, well, it just makes sense. Why create so much extra waste when all they would need is prefolds and covers. It's not like they aren't used to dealing with soiled laundry already. Goodness knows it's easier to wash a little poop out than some of the stuff they have to deal with. Obviously i'm not suggesting they go out and buy super expensive CDs, but using prefolds & covers would save them so much money in the long run I'm surprised it's not normal for them to use them already!

deldobuss said...

This was our last little one, and I wanted to save money! So far we have gone through 3 boxes of sposies that were given to us (he just turned 1 month), and that is still using cloth most of the time. We will have saved up what we spent for our stash in less than 3 months by not buying disposables.

I would like to see cloth in hospitals because I have seen all the other benefits of using cloth. It is cheaper, healthier, and more comfortable for the babies!

Mitchell Madness...or lack there of :) said...

I choose to cloth diaper because it is so much more healthy, and I'm not contributing to thousands of disposable diapers that will be polluting this planet hundreds of years from now. Plus they are so cute :)
I work in a hospital, and oh the trash that we produce. Cloth diapering is not difficult and would really save the hospitals money. I would at least like to see it as an option in hospitals!

HardawayMom said...

I chose to cloth diaper because I think using disposables is so horrible. I am very green and try to be green in any way I can. I never thought twice about using anything but cloth diapers.

I do have to admit occasionally I use disposables but I use Tushies and 7th Gen when I do.

I think hospitals would not only relieve alot of the waste from disposables but I think it would save alot of money. Cloth is reusable. Even if they did not send mommas home with the cloth they could use a diaper service and they could wash all their cloth (like they do linens) and it would be so much better for everyone!

Marilyn said...

I got interested in cloth diapers purely for the financial savings. Before we made the switch I noticed my son was getting diaper rash very quickly every time he pooped, even though I changed him right away. When we switched we only could afford 4 cloth diapers and when he wore those the diaper rash went away, then came back in the disposables! That was enough for me to make the plunge into getting enough diapers for him to be CD-ing full time!
With all the budget cuts they make in hospitals wouldn't it make more sense to use cloth diapers than to lay off nurses or lower the food quality? It would also teach a lot of parents that cloth diapers aren't as scary as many people seem to think!

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